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Leveraging a collection of virtual rooms curated to mimic the spectrum of in-person environments, Salesroom frees account executives from the constraints of distance and dated technology. Augmented video seamlessly integrates in-meeting coaching to give you helpful prompts without distraction.

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Entice buyers from the outset with a virtual lobby experience that trades awkward intros for a seamless arrival sequence, putting participants at ease and energizing them for the meeting ahead. Customizable music, graphics, prompts, and interactive elements like an introductory video or a welcome survey differentiate your meetings and excite participants for what’s to come.

Main meeting room

Build rapport and achieve alignment with ease with real-time coaching that keeps your pitch focused on what’s important to your audience. Built by experienced sales professionals well-versed in MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, BANT, and other methodologies, Salesroom offers strategic suggestions that ensure your buyer conversations fit into your qualification process. Bring buyers’ needs to the forefront with contextual information and meeting milestone markers that make it easy to know what to say and when—optimizing the cadence and content based on your buyers’ specific objectives.

Demo room

Empower buyers to home in on key information with video clipping features, allowing them to record video in real time and instantly create highlight reels of salient moments in your presentations—and affording you an invaluable understanding of what matters to your clients. Collaborative note-taking streamlines buyer decision-making, while picture-in-picture demos allow you to present while maintaining virtual eye contact—preserving your personalized delivery and keeping viewers engaged with your message.

Post-meeting room

Capture candid, timely feedback in a dedicated debriefing room where clients can weigh in on progress toward their goals. Inform buyers’ expectations with snapshots of where they are in the process and clear outlines of next steps. Post-meeting insights let you strategically fine-tune your approach and nimbly respond to meeting outcomes, while checklists and internal meeting rooms prompt sales teams to huddle on action items and expedite next steps.

Hybrid room

Utilize Salesroom for meetings online and off. Create continuity with cohesive touchpoints that guide your buyers through the sales cycle and reinforce the relationships you forge virtually and in person. With a variety of essential tools designed to help you prepare, present, engage, and execute, Salesroom is the platform that cultivates constant connection with your customers.

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