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We believe that both sellers and buyers benefit from business interactions that are personal, genuine, and rich in content and context. We exist to equip salespeople with tools that celebrate their creativity and elevate their individuality to build trust and rapport regardless of where they are.

We aspire to help AEs pioneer new frontiers and embrace the possibilities presented by virtual meetings—whether pursuing more ambitious leads or landing larger accounts

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Salesroom is led by seasoned sales professionals ever driven to deliver solutions that radically improve on the status quo. Salesroom is the culmination of careers characterized by leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize sales experiences and outcomes. Our founders have built, grown, and exited enterprise SaaS companies and championed products that revolutionize their categories.

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Management Team

Roy Solomon

Co-Founder and CEO

Daria Danilina

Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer

Charles Hardy

Head of Engineering

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Salesroom’s vision for a more aligned and engaged sales relationship is shared by experienced and enterprising partners who enhance our expertise with invaluable insights and resources.

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